Dear Nurse Judy

Dear Nurse Judy,

Thank you for being so sweet to me today as I broke to you that yet another month has gone by without any fertility luck even though everything seemed to be going so well.

You told me "I am so sorry, darlin'," in such a quiet, concerned way that I know you really meant that.

You relayed the message that after discussing my case with Dr. F, he decided that I should try Letrozole. I looked this up later and found it is a drug primarily used for breast cancer, but it has been known to help fertility issues and also treat endometriosis. I was so upset and trying not to show it, that when we talked, I didn't even bother to ask you what the new drug would do differently and all that kind of stuff. I looked it up tonight.

I will be starting that tomorrow.

Then, after we hung up, you immediately called me back.

"I just noticed that today's your birthday and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

It's little things like that, when you go above and beyond, that I really appreciate.

Until the next time I call you with a question,

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