Construction Everywhere

When I moved to the middle of nowhere, I thought I had an advantage with the commute.

My first problem was slow drivers.

The second is road construction.

A paving company is very, very slowly repaving the highway that I must drive on 15 miles to go to work. One lane at a time. This involves a flagman and a lead vehicle.

Before I finish my rant, I will pause to say that I feel sorry for them. I really, really do. Unlike some un-named city/state paving projects, people really are out there at WORK. And, it's hot.

Now back to the rant. Yesterday, I read 15 PAGES of a book that I brought along for the ride as I waited. (Yes, I am the driver, but my car was completely stopped, and I was continuously monitoring my surroundings while reading. I AM an excellent multi-tasker.) That's just ridiculus.

Yesterday morning I stopped for only (ONLY) 15 minutes. I discovered another way to pass my time. I noticed the lady in the car behind me was singing. I scanned through the radio stations three times until I found the song (I think) she was listening to. A fun game. When you are slowly going INSANE, that is.

Further adding to my frustration, the road in front of my work is closed this ENTIRE week for construction. I must drive up to the next TOWN north and then back down ANOTHER highway to get to work.

I will be spending my lunch hour at Google Maps to find some other options.

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LceeL said...

There are two seasons in Northern Illinois; Winter and Construction. One is just as bad as another.