Ode to Dr. Pepper

Oh, how I love Dr. Pepper.

It would save me all kinds of time & effort if I could just inject it directly in my veins.

Okay, apparently I have developed a habit.

I guess it could be worse things, but I find myself craving Dr. Pepper every time I go into a restaurant.

I've been burned by always ordering water. I used to be so good at that. But then, I found that periodically restaurant water can taste just like dirt.

Since I am sure that dirt is much more nutritious than Dr. Pepper, I completely mean to order "water". I even do a little mantra in my head as the waitress comes over to take my order. Water. Water. WATER.

Then when she asks me "What would you like to drink?"

I look directly into her eyes.

"Dr. Pepper"

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