100 Degrees May Be Too Hot To Take Advantage of Your Convertible

Today we took a trip up to my hometown to help my parents unload a monstrosity of a treadmill that they purchased but will never use.

Okay, they may use it three times.

We decided to live dangerously and take my Jeep, which is slowly falling apart. We pulled the top down and set off on our trip. It was such a pretty day outside, and our trip was absolutely lovely. For the first five miles.

Then we realized that it was HOT. The sun shone directly down on us, and there was no solace to be found in the air whipping through the car. The HOT air whipping through the car.

Neither of us would admit that the heat was slowly driving us insane.

45 minutes later, when I stuck my face up against the vent to get a tiny bit of cool-ness from the air condition, J decided we had enough. (He was embarassed that the passing cars might notice that his wife was having a heat stroke.) We pulled over under a bridge on the interstate and put the top back up.

We ran the air condition on high for the remainder of the trip.

After helping my parents, we visited my grandparents and my cousin with the new baby.

Other than the heat stroke, it was a good day.

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LceeL said...

Once you pass 21, the ride in a convertible needs to be done under exact and precise conditions. those conditions never, NEVER, include HEAT above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.