How a 30 Year Old Spends Her Birthday

  1. Awaking to husband singing "Happy Birthday". Nice.
  2. Going out to eat Japanese food at lunch. Good. (I adore Hibachi Steak.)
  3. Having parents come down for the day to visit. Also good.
  4. Going to Best Buy with husband to pick out birthday gift. Spectacular.
  5. Charging new iPod that will hold 80 GB of music. Tremendously exciting.
  6. Receiving visits from various sibling-in-laws, nieces and nephews. Wonderful.
  7. Visiting niece of same birthdate to wish each other mutual happiness. Fun.
  8. Seeing said niece's new pet rats in their fancy cage. Um...unavoidable.
  9. Spending the rest of a nice and quiet evening at home. Perfect.

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sheasy said...

This sounds like heaven to me! Found you on AllMediocre - glad I clicked on you!!!