Suspicious Mind

I decided to go on the record today with some suspicious acts around my family lately. Then later on, I can point back and say - "HA! I knew it all along!"

Oh, wait. I don't want them to read this blog, so I will not be pointing them in this direction. Nevermind. Internet, YOU, will get to share in the knowledge that I was right. Or wrong. You know, whichever.

I have been keeping the upcoming weekend free of appointments, errands and social activities. You see, Monday is my birthday, and I would like to spend the weekend with my family somehow. It's a major milestone for me - the big 3-0.

I asked J what he plans to do Saturday. "Oh, nothing."

I asked my parents. "Oh, nothing."

Back to J. "Why don't we take off and go somewhere for the weekend?" A brief silence followed by a nonchalant change of subject.

Last week, I saw a mysterious receipt at my parent's house for something seemingly party-related they ordered off the internet. Off the internet. My parents. Who only get on the computer for email or Solitaire.

Every year my parents ask me what I have planned for my birthday. They want to see if there is anything that they could participate in. Typically we go out to eat or something like that. This year? Not a word.

Normally when I talk to my family & friends, we always say things about what plans we have coming up on the weekend. This week? Nothing.

So now I'm all suspicious. Something's going on.

When I first began to suspect something, I decided to play it cool and not ask any questions. Let them fool me, or at least think they are.

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LceeL said...

Okay, Sherlock. What happened?