Things that Go Bump in the Night...or Don't

Last night, Monkey T spent the night with us for the first time. She has been asking to do this for months now, but this weekend was the first time we could arrange it.

We had a great time playing video games and hanging out.

In case you didn't know, Katamari rules. It's a game series available on XBox360 or Playstation 2. You are a prince from a very strange (probably drug induced) planet. Your father hands you a ball and instructs you to roll things up. The more you roll up, the bigger you get. In turn, the bigger you get, the bigger the objects are that you can roll up. In premise, it's really silly. But, it is absolutely FUN. Pretty addictive as well.

After this, it was time for bed. T settled down in the guest room, which is on the other end of the house from our bedroom. Sure enough, as soon as my eyes started to close, there was a quiet peck at the door.

She heard footsteps outside.

Where we live - out in the middle of the woods - there are no people walking around.

After checking outside and convincing her how wonderful our security system is, she settled back down and finally fell asleep.

I'm sure that all the violence of rolling up people and animals had finally gotten to her, and just caused troubling hallucinations. By the next morning - she was totally over it.

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