We Have Follicles!

This morning, J & I met Dr. F to have another sonogram to se if the Clomid had any effect. He located several follicles in my right ovary, two of which looked promising! I should be ovulating sometime between today and Monday.

From there, I go to the hospital next week to get a blood test done. This blood test will show my Progesterone levels to see whether ovulation actually took place or not.

All of these tests should give us a pretty good picture of my reproductive health. So far, as I have mentioned before, everything is showing up normal.

If the Clomid doesn't work this time, then I may have to go another round or two before we consider more invasive diagnostic methods.


LceeL said...

Good luck. fingers crossed.

Danielle said...

Yay for follicles!!

That's great!