Soaking Up the (Fake) Sun

Today I decided to do something for myself. There are so many things going on in my life right now that are completely out of my control, and fortunately for me, my pale, pale skin is not one of them.

During my childhood years, I spent the summer with a fabulous bronze color. I look at pictures of myself from then, and I cannot believe it is even the same person.

Yes, I know that sun-bathing promotes skin cancer, etc. I can honestly say that the bronze-ness of my past was completely accidental. I have ALWAYS worn sunscreen.

After I turned 17, my skin rebelled against any potential tanning. Instead, it turns a painful, fiery red color. And it's not just the obvious places. The top of my head - where my hair parts - burns so easily that I have to wear a hat to just step outside my door.

So what changed? No clue.

As I get older, the SPF in the sunscreen that I purchase increases to shield my increasingly fair skin. And I'm tired of hiding in long pants when it gets super-hot outside for fear of blinding those around me.

So this year - I will tan! No, I'm not doing a tanning bed or baking out in the sun. I am going for the air-brush method. My first session was today.

When I got home, J inspected me closely. I asked for his honest opinion. "It's a little darker, but I can't tell very much," he said.

Then I let him see my tan line. "Oh." (He just momentarily forgot how super-white I am.)

So, bring it on, Summer. I am ready.


Michelle said...

Good choice on the spray tan vs the in the bottle option. My husband shaved his head last summer and "had" to use it to even himself out. I wouldn't recommend that route!

Oh, and found you via AllMediocre!

LceeL said...

So how come WE can't see your tan line???

Danielle said...

You'll have to do a review of your airbrush tan...

I did Mystic a couple of weeks ago and loved it the first day, but hated it after that until it wore off.

I felt dirty...

But I should really do something!!