Well, dear Internet, it looks like I was right!

This afternoon, my husband & my parents threw me a surprise birthday party!

I tried to drop lots of "feelers" this morning to test their secret-keeping abilities. To my shock, no one broke down to tell me anything.

I still had fun with it though. Since J didn't let on that we need to be anywhere at a certain time, I was very slow in getting ready.

I told my Dad on the phone that J & I had decided to go to the beach. (Insert crickets here - apparently that little tidbit caused a tiny bit of panic.)

The party took place at the fellowship hall of my parent's church. As I rounded the corner, I heard "Ssshhh!" , "Hide!!!!", etc.

When I opened the door, the lights came on and everyone yelled "Surprise!!!!"

It was all pretty awesome. My parents really put a lot of effort. They even had M&M's printed with "A's 30!"

Okay, so I totally knew. But I still got pretty shaky seeing a big portion of the people that I love gathered together with great big smiles plastered on their faces all staring back at me and waiting for my reaction.

I gave them my best shocked and awed look. "I can't believe you guys did this!"

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