Me Vs. The Tent

Today I enjoyed the beach despite the 100 degree weather. I played with my niece and nephews in the sand. I got maternity pants at an outlet store. All in all it was a good day.

But how boring is that?

Never fear. When all goes well, the drama begins.

This afternoon I was enjoying a good book on the beach. I had hijacked a tent of my cousin-in-law's and relaxed in the shade for a while.

Suddenly, the wind started.

Did I mention that this was a full tent? It's one of those four-sided deals with see-through panels that they make for a fairly large number of people to provide shade and bug protection. The photo at the top left is the catalog picture for this thing. Did I mention I was out at the beach by myself?

I'm sure you can guess what happened. The tent collapsed right on top of me. As I desperately worked my way out of the tent, I saw that there was no way to fix it. The poles and panels were tangled in a way that would take an army of people to resolve. If the strangers around me noticed, they certainly made a point not to look my way.

So I did what any good tent hijacker would do. I put one of their chairs on top of the tent so it would not blow away and fled.

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G said...

You cracked me up...I could actually picture you looking all around for witnesses and then fleeing before you got caught!! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today.