Round Two - Complete

Today is the day my cousin had her baby (by c-section). I took an extra day off from work. I knew I needed to be there at noon, and it's an hour away.

So, about an hour and a half before I need to go, my phone rings. It's my doctor. "Can you come now?"

Let me back up just a second. Yesterday, was my Day One (for my cycle). My fertility tests have to come within the first couple of days. Of course yesterday was Memorial Day, so the doctor's office was closed. Today is Day Two.

Okay, so back to the phone call. "Sure," I said. "I'll be there in 30 minutes." Duh! I hadn't gotten my shower yet. I still had to put together my camera and the other things I would need to go up to be with my cousin. The doctor's office is 30 minutes away on a good day. And of course, there is a ton of road construction going on, so I inevitably have to wait on traffic. 30 minutes! Yeah, Genius...whatever.

Somehow I did make it to the office in 45 minutes. And then, I had to wait. WAIT! They knew I needed to be on the road! But, I was in no position to question that since they made a special effort to work me in today.

Dr. F did a sonogram to make sure that all my organs are intact, and that they really do exist.

Then they drew two vials of blood. I am a terrible blood-giver. I pass out. Or throw up. Or both. I warned the nurse of this, and she turned out to be a saint. Not only did she get the needle in the first time, she kept me completely distracted and helped me to remember to breathe.

So, to sum it all up, no problems found so far. Dr. F gave me an Rx for Clomid. We will try a round or two, to see if it will help. I go back on 6/7. My cycle is totally not co-operating - starting on a holiday, and the ovulation predicted for a Saturday - but, Dr. F wanted me to come in anyway.

By the end of the day, our family has a new little baby to spoil. Carrie's dad called me to tell me that she just had the baby - and I was only three miles away (stupid waiting at doctor's office)! When I got there, they were wheeling Carrie and Alison to their room.

Baby Alison is already the star of the nursery. She has a great set of lungs, and like the rest of my family, already exhibits signs of ADD.

You know how some babies are red, purple, etc.? Alison is perfect. Maybe one day...

P.S. Today's my anniversary - 8 years! It's unfortunate timing that the events of this morning had to happen today!

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SoulandSubstance said...

I know (really know) how painful infertility can be. I hope and pray that your attempts are successful and, if they are not, you will learn, as I have been forced to, that it is possible to be fulfilled without children of your own.