Back to the DMV

Groan. Sigh. I got stuck going back to the DMV again, and yet again, it didn't turn out as I hoped.

This time, it was for a title. We paid off my Jeep earlier this year, and never received the title in the mail.

This could be because:

  1. We moved and it did not forward correctly.
  2. Much like the rest of our mail, the Ruralopia maillady put it in the wrong box and it was lost that way.
  3. It could be in the garage of our former mailperson from the city we lived in before moving to Ruralopia.

Perhaps that last one deserves a little more explanation. Shortly after we moved, the mailperson of our former location was charged for hoarding mail. Apparently, the authorities went by their home after receiving a tip, and found tons and tons of mail in their garage. They hadn't bother to deliver it. With my luck, this is the most plausible explanation for my missing title.

Anyway, the bank was unconcerned by what happened to the title - all they would do was send me the letter that notarizes the transfer. Now I have to go the DMV, wait in line and pay to get a new title.

I decided to get this over with today during my lunch.

Much like my other DMV story, I realized while waiting in line that I may not have the cash needed for a new title. When my number was finally called, I told her upfront that I needed to know the cost before proceeding. $20. I had $20. Hallelujah!

"But, baby, you will need to have your co-owner here before I can get you a new title."

Of course, J was out at lunch with his co-workers. He didn't drive, so he couldn't leave to meet me. My lunch was wasted.

Guess how I will be spending tomorrow? Miserable at the DMV.

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