That Smell

I met J's extended family during Easter vacation, 10 years ago. We had been dating for about two months, and he asked me to come down to Ruralopia with him during our Easter vacation. Being the introvert that I am, knowing that I would be meeting such a large group of people at once immediately overwhelmed me. But, I knew that it needed to happen sooner or later, and that I might as well go ahead and get it over with.

When we pulled in the driveway after an eternity in the car, my stomach dropped. They were all outside. Waiting on us. Waiting to check out the new girlfriend.

As all eyes turned to me, I opened the car door. As soon as the wind from outside came rushing at me, I immediately wished I could slam the door and crawl into the trunk.

No, it wasn't embarassment that fueled my stunned reaction. It was a terrible, horrible smell. It was something that I had never smelled the likes of before. It was so bad, that it could peel the paint right off the car.

It was all I could do not to display the horror on my face.

I found out later, that the source of this smell is a chicken house of around 10,000 chickens. Luckily, the people who owned the chickens retired from that business shortly thereafter, and I'm especially grateful now that I live there.

What I've found now, though, is that some people (luckily not any of our surrounding neighbors) actually fertilize their yards with the very source of this terrible, horrible stench. Oh, the humanity!

(Daily post prewritten - I'm on vacation!)

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Mama Kalila said...

Oh my... You think he'd have warned ya about that lol.

Hope you're having fun on vacation!