The Perfect Shot

J likes to target practice. I, on the other hand, do not like guns whatsoever. J thinks that since we are so far back in the woods I need to know how to defend myself. I do. I will call 911, run and hide for the hour and a half it will take the police to get to my house. There are lots of hiding places in my house and the surrounding the woods.

Okay, well realistically, I probably could call 911, but I would freak out to much to run and hide. I'm sure I would freeze in place. Anyway.

So, after months of nagging, I finally a while back gave in and told J that I would try to shoot the target. The target looks somewhat like my preschool rendering above. You just push it down into the ground.

On my very first shot ever, I hit the center of the middle target. J was so impressed. "Do it again!" he says. Yeah, right. I have learned to always, always quit while I'm ahead. (I also knew that I could never, ever do that again.)

A few months back, he bought a handgun. An EXPENSIVE handgun. WITHOUT my permission. (We always discuss big purchases.) I was so, so upset. J knew it too, and he almost felt guilty. And, that's the story of how I got my beautiful new china cabinet.

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Mama Kalila said...

You know... I like guns, and I like shooting (West Tx raised - almost have too) but I completely understand. My husband brought one home while I was pg, was already his but had been at his moms, and I about flipped. We have it locked, locked into the case (fitted though I wish we had a cabinet type), no bullets, and hidden in the back of the closet & I am still uncomfortable with it. If we lived on a ranch I think I'd feel diff... becuase would be necessary... but we don't. And we have a kid... It scares me.

And I would so milk that too... Wish I had thought of that!