A Messy Birthday Celebration

Max turned 4 this week. Since our dogs are spoiled rotten, this event required a little celebration.

Max loves rawhide bones. So, today, when J & I stopped at the grocery store, we bought the dogs some celebratory bones. We got the kind that has a "treat" in the center and a rawhide that was dipped in something or other that I don't want to know more details about. Both of these are supposed to last for a while.

Our wonderful idea did not go exactly as planned.

Max didn't really care about the treat-in-the-center kind, but he finally settled down with other kind. He was his normal happy self, with an attention span off about 5 minutes and then he was ready to play again.

Molly on the other hand, proceeded to grab the treat-in-the-center kind and spent the next 3 SOLID HOURS on her sofa pillow eating that bone. If J, Max or I came too close to her precious treat, she growled intensely. We don't approve of this behavior, so we tried taking it away until she stopped acting insane.

So, the little detail that we left out of our thought process...Molly has long hair.

When your long-haired Shih Tzu spends three hours with a treat-in-the-center bone then you end up with a disaster area. She is a complete mess with yucky wet knots around her mouth. Oh, and then there's the little bone crumbs that are stuck in her beard. The sofa pillow that she was sitting on has a big slimy stain. And crumbs beneath that all over the sofa.

And then, she doesn't understand why Max still has a bone and she doesn't. She thinks that she needs that one too.

Next time I will be more careful. No more treat-in-the-center bones for Molly.

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