The End of the Olympics

Here are 10 Things I Loved About the Olympics Year:

  1. The outrageous yet spectacular ceremonies.
  2. The authentic thrill of the US Men's Gymnastic Team in their silver win
  3. Oksana Chusovitina, a 33-year-old German gymnast one a silver medal in a sport surrounded by controversy of ages. This proves that you can be a gymnast with hard work without being 8 years old
  4. Fantastic, hard-working athletes can still have butterfingers (baton-dropping)
  5. Australian diver Matthew Mitcham came out of seemingly nowhere to put a stop to China's gold medal diving sweep
  6. Lots of record-breaking going on
  7. Amazing photographic accounts of each day on the internet
  8. Diving period - especially synchronized. Just amazing
  9. That Phelps guy and all his medals
  10. I had something entertaining to watch and keep track of until all my favorite tv shows return in the fall

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