Working from Home

Last week, I sent out a note to all the people that I work with that I will be working from home.

I love, love, love working from home. I can sleep a little later. I can move around the house anywhere I want to and still have an internet connection. The bathroom is nearby. I have an endless supply of purified water. Sigh. I can wear my pajamas.

So, at 4:30 yesterday, one of the senior management team comes to me and says "I need you to do a demo of your project tomorrow afternoon."

Let's just say I'm not thrilled.

First, he knew I would be out of the office and working from home, which I rarely do. "Well, you can just call in." Call in. To demo a website. Uh-huh.

Second, today is the day before Labor Day weekend. I'm sure the entire company would love to see my website demo, all while being prevented from leaving early. Then everyone will hate me until after the weekend is over. By then, they will have forgotten about my demo, and the horrible meeting time.

I decided to stand up for myself. I wrote a mini-novella email, explaining all the reasons we should wait until next week. I hit send and held my breath. The rest of the day...no response.

This morning, I checked my email immediately. I received a response. My novella worked. Demo averted.

And now...I get to enjoy working from home in peace.

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