Making Flair

A whole bunch of my friends and family use Facebook. I used to have an account ages ago, but I deleted it because I was getting a lot of unwanted email. But, after hearing about the wonderful ways we could keep in touch with each other, I reluctantly recreated my account yesterday.

And now I'm an addict.

I've been able reconnect with a high school friend, as well as chat with family that lives far away. And now, Facebook has activities. Many, many addictive activities.

I'm ashamed to admit how many rounds of Scramble I have played now.

Want to see a graphics designer amuse themselves for hours an hour? Introduce them to Pieces of Flair. You can get it with credits, or you can make it. (See one of mine on the left.) Oh my.

I found, after making 20 pieces of flair that the mean, mean application will not let you make any more for 24-whole hours. Don't they understand how many more pieces I could have made before getting bored and abandoning Facebook for the day?

Well, I would add more to this post, but I must get back to Scramble work.


Sydney said...

Okay... I only recently joined facebook and I'm totally addicted. I don't know why I waited so long to join. I love the pieces of flair application. so much fun!

G said...

That is so weird - I just recreated my Facebook account, too, because another friend told me there were a lot of people we both knew....it's been one weird trip getting back in touch with people!!! I used to think it was just another "my space" but now I am enjoying it. Who knew?!!!

Maybe we'll bump into each other, there, too!


Leeuna said...

I've had an account at Facebook for a long time but I don't 'hang out' there very much. maybe I need to go and check out the new stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...
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