Coming Home

Today I'm coming home from the beach. I always have mixed feelings when vacation is over. I'm sure that by this time I will be missing my dogs like crazy. Oh, yeah, and I'll probably miss J too. I will not have seen him since Monday.

I'll walk in the door excited to see all of them. I'll rush into my husband's arms. My dogs will be climbing all over each other to get to me. Molly will bark and whine until I pick her up and snuggle with her a little bit. Max will do this little snort thing that he does when he's excited. I'll rub their ears and talk baby-talk to them.

Then, the post-vacation blues start. You know, the one where you realize that you have to do all the laundry. The one where you realize you have to get ready to go back to work. The one where you remember all the bills that you have to pay and the groceries you have to buy. The one where you are just so tired that you need another week to just sleep.

So, by the end of the day that will be me. Me - wishing I could turn around and go right back to the beach.

(BTW - Daily Post Prewritten - I'm on Vacation!)


flickrlovr said...

I absolutely HATE coming home from vacation. It's that 'down from the mountain high' blues thing, gets me every time! Strangely enough, I'm sort of having a combo of the "end of summer/post-surgery/school's starting" blues...it's a bizarre combination.

Hope they don't stick around long at your house and you find it easy to get back into your routine.

G said...

Welcome home - I know it sucks to be back, but at least you have memories of the beach to keep you going. Looking forward to reading all about it. Although I would prefer to vacation with my in-law's over my own family (and we DO, often!).

Sydney said...

I love/hate that post vacation feeling. you're relaxed, but then reality starts to set in. and you're a little sad because you want to go back to your vacation state, but you know real life is right around the corner!

Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS! I enjoy yours, and will stop by again!

scatterhaiku said...

well-written post. :) true... after the high of being on vacation somewhere away from home, it can be quite a downer to return to the mundane, somewhat stressful day to day. i guess that's why it's great to go out on vacation fairly regularly. makes you appreciate what you have at home more. but at the same time, there's something relaxing or exotic to look forward to. :)