Hello Grandma!

I ordered two new swimsuits for my beach trip next week. Although I'm only at 6 weeks, my proportions have already begun to change. You wouldn't notice in my everyday clothes, but swimsuits have a way of displaying these things.

I ordered these swimsuits with forethought in mind. In a few weeks, J's family goes down for the weekend, so I had to have something that would grow with me. So, I bought a swimdress and a two piece halter/swimshorts combo.

I've been very worried that the swimsuits would not make it in time. But, yesterday they finally came. I pulled myself together, held my breath, and tried them on.

The shorts look fine. The dress? It looks just like one that my grandma would wear. I thought the modern pattern would help that, but no - grandma all the way.

J gave his typical "fine" answer when asked. Hearing "fine" doesn't help. It's like the most unhelpful answer ever. "Fine" really just means "I have no opinion, so please stop asking me this kind of stuff."

After trying on every swimsuit I own, I have come to the conclusion that grandma looks a lot better than bloated denial. So, next week, I'll just have to accept it.

And since I'm going to embrace the grandma look, I'll have to find a wide brimmed straw hat to keep the sun out of my eyes too. Then I'll be able to completely recreate the photo that I have of my grandma waving at us while relaxing in her chair and soaking up the sun.

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Anonymous said...

Aww I bet you're cuter than you give yourself credit for! Pictures we need pictures ;)
Yeah men are BAD at opinions,aren't they?