Please Leave Your Audio Equipment at Home

A few years ago, I went to the beach with J's family for our annual Labor Day weekend beach trip as usual.

J's family does not know how to enjoy the beach. Like J (see yesterday's post), few of them ever get out in the sand/water. So, as in years past, I found myself sitting alone at the shore. I was enjoying the solitude. I was reading a good book, and completely relaxed.

After a while, J's cousin's wife's mother, stepfather, sister and kids (got all that? Basically they are in-laws of my in-laws. Okay, maybe that's not so basic. Anyway.) joined me at my spot on the shore. That's fine. These are nice enough people. Or so I thought.

They put up a tent and spread out a blanket. The kids started playing in the ocean. Then, to my astonishment, the sister pulled out her jukebox. And turned that humongous alien contraption to country music. Full blast.

Anger doesn't begin to describe my feelings. This was pure and simple noise pollution. I'm sorry, Country Music Lovers. My husband is one of you. I can't stand it. But, I wouldn't have been able to stand music I like either.

It's the beach. SOME of us like the sound of the OCEAN. And those same people would MUCH rather hear the OCEAN than YOUR MUSIC. NOISE POLLUTERS!

So, if you are one of those people who disturb the rest of us beachcombers with your music? Show some respect to those around you. BRING YOUR HEADPHONES. Wouldn't you rather carry your i-Pod than have to pack a whopping JUKEBOX?

(BTW - Daily Post Prewritten - I'm on vacation!)

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