Black & Blue

This morning I had to go have my progesterone checked.

This afternoon I am sporting a nasty black, purple and blue bruise on my arm. See my interpretation of said bruise on the left.

I've mentioned before that I am not good at bloodwork. Lately, I have had it so many times that I thought I was getting better. The last few times, the nurses have simply had me make a fist and then prick! A moment of discomfort, and then it's all over. But today, this nurse tied a thing around my arm and squeezed it so hard that I began to visualize my arm just falling off.

Then, I panicked.

I do the same thing with blood pressure machines. I began to visualize the machine squeezing the circulation out of my arm. I start to feel desperate to get away.

There was no getting away this time. A needle in which I was terrified of was attached to a very uncomfortable location in my arm.

My arm began to show bruising - enough that the nurse became panicky as well. She removed the needle, barely getting enough blood needed for the test.

When she removed the needle and assured me that it was safe to look over toward her/where the needle was again, I noticed something crawling on her desk.

A SPIDER!!! EEeek!!!

I began to desperately scout out all my escape points.

Luckily, the nurse (who, by the way, also jumped from the sight of the spider) grabbed something and squashed it.

I could not get out of that office fast enough.


moosh in indy. said...

On one particularly bad day for a blood draw (I didn't feel good) I looked away for the needle stick, the nurse told me he was done so I looked back over only to see blood POURING out of my arm.
I promptly vomited all over said nurse.
Serves him right.

Marinka said...

Sorry you had a tough time of it. I have terrible veins myself and have always hated getting needled. Although I imagine that there are very few people who love it.