Kitchen Show Day

A few weeks ago, I scheduled a Pampered Chef cooking show party for today. I used to be a consultant for Pampered Chef, and I love their stuff. I only stopped because of my own laziness in scheduling cooking shows. But hosting - that, I can handle.

My biggest problem? Getting RSVP's. I put on every single invitation that I sent to RSVP. Twice. Did people call/email/tell me in person? About 20% of them. This kind of thing is becoming a pet peeve of mine. The last several events I have hosted worked the same way.

I didn't ask if people were coming just for kicks. I needed to know how much extra food to prepare. I need to know if I need to scrounge up chairs from my neighboring family. Yet, RSVP-ing is just not trendy any more. If you don't know if you can come or not, well, tell me that. A maybe is much better than a complete mystery.

Anyway, other than having no idea how many people would be attending and the pouring down rain that started right as people began arriving, the party went off without a hitch.

I spent part of yesterday figuring out which 3 half price items and $240 worth of free product I would like. I'm in kitchen heaven.

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