Double the hCG

Today, Dr. F sent me back to the hospital to check my blood again. This time, the blood work was actually a normal, drama-free experience.

This afternoon, Nurse Judy called me with the results. You know, after I spent about 5 hours climbing the walls of my office.

Everything looks good! My hCG is 310.11. That's more than double what it was the day before yesterday - just like it should be. My progesterone was slightly lower than the other day - 25. Dr. F wants me to take a supplement for that.

I go see Dr. F August 7th for an ultrasound. He said we might hear a heartbeat, but I am not to be alarmed if we don't. They are sure that I ovulated late, so it might be a little early for the heartbeat.

It looks like I am at 4 weeks, 6 days. If all goes well, my due date is around March 30. Woo-hoo!

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Jessica said...

Congratulations. H&H 9 months