Spreading the News

We have been enjoying sharing our good news with our inner circle of peeps. So many of them have been so supportive during this almost-seven-year struggle.

Honestly, I wanted to wait until we are further along to tell people. J doesn't want to. He wants everyone in the world to know. I knew that he would implode if he didn't get to share, so I consented.

I called my parents yesterday and told them first. I'm an only child, so I am their sole hope for grandchildren. They are thrilled. Cautious (just like I am), but thrilled.

J decided to send his mom flowers with a "See you in 9 months" note. She's really excited too, but after 10 grandchildren - she's a pro at this.

I texted my friend Christy a photo of the home pregnancy test. Immediately she texted and left me a voice mail. When we finally caught up on the phone, she told me that when she got that message, she almost ran off the road.

We also told J's siblings, or at least tried to. J left a message for the Vet to come over later. Instead, he called me. He had figured out what it was about and trapped me into telling him, by hitting me with ridiculous questions such as: "Are you sure you are the mother?"; "Are you going to name the baby ?" I finally broke down when Mel (his wife) said "Are you really going to make me sit through this whole movie trying to figure out what is going on instead of enjoying Batman?" No, I couldn't do that to her. Not ruin Batman.

Super H saw his grandma's flowers. He can read now, so J's mom told him he couldn't see the note. He reported this to his mother, who cornered J's mom into divulging the news. We made the mistake of discussing the events with her last night, and Super H overheard enough to figure out what was going on himself. "I'm going to have a new cousin? Is it a boy or girl?"

J sent his oldest brother the following text message: "The Pee Test had two lines!"


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