Joining the Choir

Last Sunday, J & I joined the church we have been attending for a while now. It's the same church that most of his family attends. Now that we are members, I decided it's time to join the choir.

I've been in some choir or another most of my life. Music is second nature to me. I play the piano (and kind-of play the guitar), and I love to sing.

Tonight was my first practice. It's definitely advantageous that I can read music. I caught up to speed pretty quickly.

After the practice, the director asked the choir to sit up in the loft for the evening service, which the choir normally does not do Sunday nights. We helped the congregation with a few new songs that the director is trying to teach.

The choir gets to go sit in the congregation after their part is finished. It was really nice to walk back to my seat and see my family grinning at me.

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Cathy said...

I joined the choir of one of the churches I belonged to, and it was a wonderful experience. I never knew how much I like to sing until then.