Something in the Air

Yesterday after church, we stopped a nameless chain restaurant to grab some subs. J's mom, sister, her husband and their three boys (Super H, Farmer C and Baby G) went also. It turned out to be one of the strangest restaurant experiences I have ever had.

Super H & Farmer C sat at the table with J & I. Everyone else grabbed the table behind us.

About mid-way through our meal, I noticed that Super H's eyes looked really red and he was blinking a lot. I looked over to Farmer C, and his eyes were doing the same thing. When I turned around to ask the other part of our group if they noticed anything, I realized that I was blinking a lot too!

Within the next few moments, all of us began to feel our eyes burning intensely. Running to the restroom and splashing cold water gave temporary relief, but the burning returned as soon as we got back to the dining area.

We couldn't figure out the source of the burning, but we quickly packed up and got out of there.


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