Dogs and Their Toys

Because Max's eyes do not produce enough tears, he has to have eye drops every night for his whole life. This keeps him from getting eye infections. The dog pharmacy sends us his prescription in the mail, along with a dog toy.

It's really sweet that they send him a toy, even though I seriously question their judgment when it comes to pet toys.

Max loves this horrific hot dog that came with his last prescription. He loves gnawing on it's scary face, and he loves carting it around and squeaking it repeatedly.

The squeak that comes from this thing is more like a sqwAAAUUCCk!

I have never intentionally bought squeaky toys. Because of this, Molly does not have an appreciation for squeaky toys. She gives you this look that says - WHAT THE CRAP, man? Why is that thing making a NOISE?!?

Max, on the other hand, loves a good squeak.

The first (and only) squeaky toy I have ever bought was completely by accident. In the store, I had felt around for that blasted squeaker in several toys before I chose a harmless, silent plush dog. I handed it over to Max, and he grabbed it in delight, gnawing over every inch. Suddenly, a SQUEAK emerged from somewhere deep within the toy.

Molly ran to me and jumped, trying to get me to pick her up - she does that when she's scared.

Max just ran all over the house with his new-found noisemaker. Over and over and over.

I really thought about trying to burst that squeaker and restore the silence to our dog toy collection. But then, as I looked at my little dog having the time of his life recreating that sound - I just could not do it.

So now Max has two squeaky toys, and this one is probably the ugliest hot dog toy ever. But I'll live with it, because he loves it.

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