I'm Quirky, So What?

Today I came across on a post from randsinrepose that made me feel just a little bit more human. You see, I have lots of quirks. Seeing that other people do too - that makes me happy.

In the last few years, I have come to accept, even cherish these idiosyncrasies in my personality. It adds character. How boring would life be if we were all alike and acted the same way all the time?

I made a list of a few of mine. I have to:

  • Eat M&M's in three's
  • Keep any money in my purse in numerical order (largest on inside) and facing the same way
  • Check for keys in my purse, even if I just put them there
  • Fold the straw wrapper into a rectangular shape
  • Hang clothes in ROY G BIV order, and all hanging in the same direction
  • Have browser tabs and taskbar items in a specific order. If the task bar order gets messed up, I close all the windows and restart everything.
  • Sort "Smarties" in color order
  • Check that the car door is locked when I get out of the vehicle and close the door, even if I know I just locked it
  • Watching the garage door go all the way to the bottom before pulling away. I have been on the way to work and convinced myself that I didn't do this. Then I had to go all the way back home and check. At least one of the times I went back to check it was actually open - that just fuels the OCD
  • Always turn off lights when I leave the room, and if there are multiple switches I make sure they are all facing the same direction
  • Line up magazines in the doctor's office
  • Have items on my desk must be arranged in a particular order
  • Make sure the fitted sheet on my bed is straight (no wrinkles) and the cover must be draped symmetrically over me before I can try to sleep
  • Have a straw in a restaurant, becauseI will not drink out of a cup in a restaurant without a straw
  • Create all my CSS and graphics measurements with a 0, 1, 3, 5 or 7 as the right-most digit
  • Use a paper towel to touch the doorknob of public bathrooms
  • Save the best bite of food for last even though I know I may not be hungry enough to eat it when I'm done
  • Straighten paintings or wall hangings that are crooked
  • Pop all the bubbles in bubble wrap
  • Ensure that toilet paper comes out over the roll, not under
There's more, but I have to go out to my car to make sure I locked the door. After thinking about it, I've convinced myself that I didn't.


Ribeezie (a.k.a. Ricardo Bueno) said...

I call it being "Monk-ish" (ya know, the show "Monk"). Believe me, I have quite a few of my own!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I am somewhat like that. My two biggest things are I eat M&M's by twos and I eat same color at the same time AND I have to be sure I have equal amounts of the colors. If one is off I hand it to the closest kid, needless to say my 3 sit around me waiting to see when I will hand some off. The other is phone numbers on the tv screen, I must add them together. it drives me nuts not to.

Anonymous said...

I do SO many of those things!! I'm glad I'm not alone...I must go add you to my friends list now ;)