My Dogs & Thunderstorms Do Not Mix

This afternoon, we had a series of loud, intense thunderstorms.

When Molly gets scared, she comes and finds me. My independent, lazy carefree dog, becomes a total lap dog. (When she's not trying to climb on top of my head, that is.) She will follow me everywhere in the house that I go, which normally she is too lazy to won't do. Loud noises usually scare her, and thunder is no exception.

Max is normally quite a bit braver when it comes to storms. He's afraid of people, not noises.

But this afternoon, both dogs were terrified and climbing all over each other to get into my lap. By the time the wind ceased and the thunder moved into the distance, both of them were exhausted from getting so worked up.

On a storm-related note, our power went out for several hours, but thankfully it came back on not too long ago. I don't function so well these days without air condition! The wind took down several trees down the road from us, and the rain caused the creek to come up over our driveway. This means we will yet again have to haul gravel in.

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