It's a Parade!

This afternoon, my new hometown of Ruralopia (name changed for privacy) held an annual Independence Day parade. Since my nephew, Super H, got to be on one of the floats, J & I decided to attend. Monkey T, Meltdown & their parents came along too.

We arrived early so that we could get a good spot in the boiling sun. By the time the parade started, we were all ready to go home to gather around the air-condition and sing "Kumbaya".

Shortly after the parade began, I quickly realized why Monkey T was so excited to come see her cousin in a parade. Just about every float held people throwing candy. We had chosen an excellent spot (with no other kids immediately around us), so she hit a goldmine. Having her two-year-old super-cute sister (Meltdown) out there waving back at all the people probably doubled her candy intake.

Ruralopia organized their parade in sections. We had one band followed by a multitude of firetrucks and other emergency vehicles. There had to be at least a hundred - one from each neighboring town in a 100-mile radius - each with siren blazing. I think Meltdown may experience permanent hearing loss. She covered her ears and just cried until they were over (and she could resume getting candy siren-free).

After emergency personnel, there were a few floats, including the one with my nephew. Of course, he was the cutest kid in the whole parade.

Old cars and tractors followed the floats.

Horses came last. I am so, so glad they were last. Much to my horror, one of the horses decided to relieve his (or her) digestive system right in front of us. And there was a lot. Oh, the smell.

Patriotism or not - we couldn't leave fast enough.

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