The Thin Pink Line

Today is Day 30 of my cycle. I am never late. But, with a low progesterone level last week and the fact that I haven't been sick or had any symptoms, I put off doing anything.

Until today.

J asked me to take it. I wanted to say "no". The last time, I was devastated. Why would I want to see it in black and white (okay, pink and white), when I knew it couldn't be the outcome I wanted?

Because I love my husband, I took it anyway. He wasn't home to read the results for me, so I looked myself. Besides, I just knew that I was headed for disappointment.

But then, I saw it. A faint second pink line.

After picking myself off the floor, I looked again.

It was still there.

J came home, and before I could tell him what happened, he saw the test. Now we are both in shock.

After almost 7 years of trying, I may actually be pregnant.


Danielle said...

I'm so bummed I missed this!

Congrats, again!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. It reminds me of being so convinced I poured myself a glass of wine to drink after taking the test because I hadn't had wine in so long I thought I would burst. I put the wine on the counter took the test and then came out and tossed it down the sink. I thought my husband was going to faint.