Dr. Pepper Withdrawal

I've mentioned before about the undying love I have for Dr. Pepper. Now that I'm pregnant, I have decided that I need to take action regarding the amount of Dr. Pepper that I consume daily. I'm sure the baby is as broken-hearted as I am.

I have been reading all kinds of information about what I should have and what I should avoid. While there is a lot of mixed messages about the effects of caffeine, I want to play it as safe as possible. So, I'm limiting my caffeine intake.

The largest percentage of my caffeine intake comes from - you guessed it - Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper - with it's irresistible blend of 23 authentic, seductive flavors - contains 41 milligrams of caffeine in just 12 ounces.

So, I'm going to be cautious and reduce the amount I drink. I've never seen Caffeine-Free Dr. Pepper before, but that would just be awesome.


Grammy Blick said...

Our recent trip to Lake City, CO, introduced me to 'Dublin Dr. Pepper.' Seems the original recipe called for pure cane sugar. Most of today's sodas (include DP) use a syrup -- except the bottling plant in Dublin, Colorado. Thought you might enjoy that tidbit!

Anonymous said...

There is Caffeine Free DP- it tastes just the same! I switched when I was prego. Look for the gold cans!