Visit from Friends

Today our friends from a town where we used to live came to visit for the night. I must confess that this visit had me pretty nervous.

I do not make friends easily. Especially with other females. Events transpired in a past life that molded me into someone that does not trust very easily. Christy & I became closer after a couple of years. We have a lot in common, and after a while, I felt that I could talk to her about anything.

Todd & J got along well immediately.

So, the four of us hung out a lot. The hardest part of that move was leaving them behind.

I became nervous about their visit, because of that nasty little habit I have of over-analyzing every situation. We hadn't seen each other for a good while. Now J & I have this amazing house and whole other life. They have another child, and other things have changed for them as well.

My nervousness faded during a game of "Sing Star". I knew as soon as we sang "Baby Got Back" together at full capacity, that our friendship was still completely on track.

There are some people that you don't have to talk to every day or even every month. You don't have to worry about being laughed at or trying to find something to talk about to fill the silence. Those are the best friends to have.

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Danielle said...

I over analyze everything too. But I have a long distance best friend who I go years without talking to. But when one of us finally calls the other, we shriek and promise to get together (and never do) and we still say "I love you!" when we hang up the phone.

It's so great to know that we love each other no matter what, and there's no pressure or hurt feelings about life getting in the way of keeping up more regularly.