Lingering Diaper Duty

I am not a diaper changer.

When my nephew, Farmer C, was a baby, he hated to lay down. He would SCREAM and SCREAM and SCREAM. When you picked him up, the SCREAMing would cease immediately.

So one day, he needed a diaper change. Of course, all the rest of the family had vacated the premises, and I was the only one around available to change the poor kid.

So I laid him down and he commenced the SCREAMing. I got the dirty diaper off, and had the new one ready to go. Or so I thought. No one told me that diapers now come with velcro. Furthermore, the velcro is hard to see. I could not get the diaper to stick, and the SCREAMing continued.

Enter my oldest niece, who helped me discover that these diapers were actually pretty easy to manage. You know, once you figure that velcro thing out.

And Farmer C - he screamed during the whole "How a Diaper Works" lesson.

So today, I had diaper duty for Meltdown. She is potty-training, which made it fun. She "had to go potty" at least 379 times, even though she really just wanted to sit on the potty while Aunt A had to hold her in place. I did have to change her three times throughout the day, and I was feeling pretty satisfied that her clothes were still in tact, there were no diaper disfunctions and she was still in one piece when her parents came to get her.

Before she left my house, Meltdown pronounced "I have to go potty". Her mom stepped up to take her, and to my utter shock, Meltdown pushed her away. "No Mommy - A". Me? I am the desired potty help? I cannot help but be touched. And yet, I hope she gets over it soon.

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