Piano Afternoon

Today I attended Monkey T's piano recital. I am so proud of her, and I would not have missed this exciting event for the world. Really.

However, after two & a half hours of being crammed in a bench watching thirty-three terrified kids struggle to remember the songs that they had worked so hard to memorize, I will admit that I was ready to start throwing hymnals at the teacher.

First of all, the recital is for the kids, right? The teacher insisted on a (long) duet with each student. I understand that it is good for piano students to have duet experience. (I took piano for 10 years. I have played duets myself.) In this case, it was obvious that the teacher was way more into herself than allowing the kids to perform.

Secondly, there was no intermission. I'm no parent, but common sense tells me that when your kid is nervous, they are bound to need multiple bathroom trips. Some of them, especially the younger kids, were dancing in their seats.

Thirdly, the typically cell-phone guy was present. Okay, so he forgot to turn the volume off, and it rang. Sure, it's annoying, but sometimes you just forget. The second time it went off? Hello?

I looked around the auditorium towards the end of the recital. The crowd had become angry. Those who were still awake were squirming in their seats.

Finally, the recital ended and after a quick picture, we bolted out the door before the angry mob of parent could corner the teacher. I probably would have enjoyed a seat at ringside for that, but we were already running late.

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