Day Off

Tonight, my husband & I sit side by side at our respective desks in our office. He is struggling with a work problem. I am struggling with, well, life.

Tomorrow is our 8 year anniversary, and in 8 years I grew to depend on J more than I ever thought I would any other person. Sure, he can absolutely drive me crazy, but I rely on him to be there. He is the calm to my storm.

I have changed a lot since we met. I became more introverted, but at the same time I am more sure of myself and what I want. He has changed a lot too. He has become more extroverted, and he's completely lost his shyness.

This afternoon I realized the impact that I have had on his speech and his musical tastes - whether he likes it or not. He recounted a situation for me, and I noticed that he refrained from using "ain't" - completely! Furthermore, he overheard me sing a song that I know he doesn't like to the dog earlier, and he's whistling it now as he works. I wonder if he notices that kind of thing.

Today we both had the day off. I spent most of the day trying to figure out what we should do with our day. Now, as I reflect on today's events, I realize that we didn't do anything. Sure, we accomplished some medial around-the-house type chores, but nothing memorable, nothing of substance. And that's okay. Just being together is enough.

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LceeL said...

I found you through AllMediocre. I have joined it, as well. I have read through a number of your posts. I have to admit - yours is the best blog I have ever seen that never seems to get any comments. So, I'm making a comment. And the comment is - I'll be back. I like your heart - which you show a lot of by continually posting without comment. Thanks for being here.