Rainy Day Dogs

Today, it's raining. This means that Molly & Max, who generally love the outdoors, are completely uninterested in going outside.

We gather leashes, and appropriate rain gear, and open the door. Neither one will leave the porch.

It would have been so convenient for me to be able to stand on the porch (it's covered) and wait for them to do their business. But, no. I have to march out in the rain with them.

We spend the first five minutes just standing there. The dogs stare at me with this look that says "Why, O Why, crazy woman? Why must we be rained on?"

And this entire process will repeat at least two more times before the night is over.

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Danielle said...

Coming over from Mediocre and I love your blog design! Gorgeous!!! love the colors.

Off to do my reading...