Round One - Complete

After playing phone tag with the nurse the last couple of days, she finally caught me.

J's test results came back normal.

The count came back as 92, and normal is 10-20, so that was really high.

The motility rating came back as 59.8%, which is just slightly under the normal of 60%. The nurse assured me that number should be fine also.

Honestly, I am happy for him, but to me, this just reaffirms what I already thought - I am the problem. The nurse says, "Oh no, honey, it may not be all you." It is, though. I just know.

To further incite my pity party, I received a discouraging email about beginning the domestic adoption process (after months of calling with no response, and finally hacking her email address based on other email addresses on the DSS site). Apparently, the class already took place, and we will have to wait until the fall. This is BEFORE we begin the 7 year average wait.

We chose to look into domestic adoption first, because we know there are so many children that need a loving home in this country. International adoption remains a trend with so many celebrities going this route. Now I understand why.

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katy (aka funny girl) said...

We went through a domestic adoption 9 years ago and waited only 6 months for a healthy newborn. Have you definitely decided on that particular agency? There may be others with a shorter wait...might be worth checking into. :-)