Day of Mother

For two weeks, I have tried to get my mother to commit to a time that she would be available to get together today in order to celebrate Mother's Day. No answer. Question avoided.

We live an hour and fifteen minutes away from each other. It's not like a simple meeting should require extensive planning.

Today I called her first thing in the morning:

Mom: "Well, it's going to rain."
Me: "We can drive in rain"
Mom: "Well, I have to find Tim to straighten out the property tax"
Me: "We can still meet you for lunch - you have to eat, right?"
Mom: "Well, I have to go feed Mother" (My grandmother has alzheimer's and is in a nursing home where my mom does not trust any of the staff to actually feed her)
Me: "Well, we would like to come"
Mom: "Well, maybe another day"

And we left it at that because I got tired of going back and forth.

So one hour later when my dad called and said they were ready to meet us, J & I hopped in car and headed their way.

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