Today I completely lost my voice. I'm not sure why exactly. I haven't had any congestion or anything like that. I don't even really feel sick.

The only thing that I can think of is some of the nausea that I experienced this week with my migraine. Yesterday afternoon, I had what we refer to as the "dry heaves". I was coughing a lot with that. Perhaps I injured my throat in the process.

Monkey T overheard Mel (her mom) & I "discussing" my voice situation, and she heard us talking about heaving.

"What's heaving?" She immediately asked.

Hmmm...apparently it is not something easy to explain to a 9-year-old whose dad, the vet, openly talks about animal health stuff to a lot.

Mel: "It's like when you have to throw up, but nothing comes out."
T: "Like a burp?"
Mel: "Nope, more like just gagging."
T: "Oh."

The rest of the evening she followed me around.

T: "Are you going to be sick again?"
Me (writing): No
T: "You look too pale."
Me: I'm always pale
T: "Are you sure you aren't going to be sick again?"
Me: I'm sure

By the end of the night, I think I had convinced that having dry heaves is not a big deal, and I could tell that she will file that term away for later use. The next time she gets a sore throat, I am pretty sure that she will blame it all on the heaves.

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