New Day, Same Headache

Today I am still suffering from a major headache.

I am heavily prone to migraines - have been all my life. Headaches are common side effects of Clomid. Great.

My headache started as a dull pain, and I thought, "Okay, I can manage this. It's nothing compared to a migraine." Famous. Last. Words. My dull pain turned into one. A bad one.

Yesterday afternoon, I began to experience dizziness, light auras (a.k.a. "the shiners") and vision problems (for me, this means depth perception difficulties).

Today, I called the nurse. For future reference - Yes, you can take OTC painkillers while you are on Clomid. And now, I will hope that it's been long enough to take another dose.

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LceeL said...

I hope things get straight for you - so you can got off the Clomid. Anything that futzes with your hormones can't be doing your headaches any favors.