TP Changer Pro

Why, oh why am I always the one that has to replace the toilet paper?

Two different bathrooms today - I had to change both. First time, the roll was absolutely bare. Second bathroom, 1 square. You know, the square that is so stuck to the center cylinder that by the time you pull it off you only have a 1/2 piece 1-ply square?

The cabinets are easy enough to reach. If you use it up, replace it. This is a law written down (way down) in the books somewhere, I feel sure.

I can tell it has been a really long week when something like this makes me want to sneak back in after everyone leaves and toilet paper the whole office. Maybe I will. Or most likely, since I am too lazy to actually do that, I will go home and forget about it throughout the entire weekend until I have to come back into the office on Monday and wind up changing it again.

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