Thoughts on My DONE List

It's May, and it is so pretty outside that it must be a crime to be at work all day. Actually, the last few days have been really busy at work for me, and I am trying really hard not to get stressed out.

I will admit, though, that taking the time to write my DONE list (part 1 & 2) helped me a lot. There is a lot of experiences that I have had that I don't want to think about again, and those are the ones that tend to haunt me. I did not list any of those. I did list some unpleasant things, but only if it profoundly affected me in some way.

Thinking about the experiences that I listed was enlightening to me. Many of the experiences that I put on my list were just things that I had simply forgotten about that came to me in brainstorming. Some I had not thought about in a long time, and that makes remembering them extra-special.

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