Round 1 - Waiting

J had his tests run today, so we are waiting results from that.

This round of tests is actually a repeat of tests we did a few years back (with a different doctor when we lived in a different town). According to Dr. F, we need to run these tests again. The results may change dramatically over years.

Also, during our conversation, I realized that the test that we did may not have had the most accurate results. Dr. F says the sample needs to be less than 30 minutes old. Just the drive to that hospital was longer than 30 minutes.

The last time we ran tests on J, we found that his motility was borderline low. My doctor thought we may have luck with what we refer to as the "turkey baster" method. We never persued this because of poor timing with the building of our house. Furthermore, I have always had a nagging feeling that ultimately I am most likely the "culprit" of our problem, and I do not want us to go through trials without ruling that out.

My testing (we'll call that Round 2) will be in a couple of weeks. More waiting.

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