Ring, Ring

I spoke with a friend and former co-worker today, and he finally bought his girlfriend a ring! He plans to propose during their Memorial Day weekend getaway. He wants it to be a surprise, but thinks that she may suspect that it is coming.

Therein lies the beauty of the marriage proposal. It does not really matter if we know it is coming, guys. We still experience surprise when it actually comes.

J proposed to me in my parent's living room on Thanksgiving 1998. We had been dating for 9 months. During that time, we were sure that we were soulmates and that we would eventually take the plunge. We discussed it openly many, many times.

When J presented me a stuffed bear with a card attached afternoon that said "Will You Marry Me?", I totally blew it off with a "Yeah, sure." I had no idea that he was serious. Then, with a "No, really," he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out from the scarf of the stuffed bear.

My knees began to knock and the butterflies swirled in the pit of my stomach. He could barely get the ring on my finger because I was shaking so severely. I knew it was coming. I really, really did. But I was still shocked.

So Eric, just relax. She knows it's coming, but she really has no idea that it's actually coming.

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