Hamburgers and Sharing

Today we invited my mother-in-law & crew over for hamburgers after church. She spent the entire weekend baby-sitting three of my nephews - Super H (age 7), Farmer C (age 4) and Baby G (age 1) - while my sister-in-law & her husband are out-of-town.

Super H is a quiet, sweet kid. He loves watching animals and playing video games. He listens well, and he is really, really good with Baby G. He's...well...he's usually super.

Farmer C is outgoing and very loving. He likes to snuggle with you and laugh. He has a cute little accent that reminds me of Little Rascals. He also has a striking resemblance to a little boy in a photograph that my grandpa had hanging on his wall. It's two little boys in overalls, and one says to the other "You been farming long?". Therefore - Farmer C.

When you put the two together, you end up with a constant battle. Super H becomes a know-it-all super villain who tries to annoy his brother in anyway possible. Farmer C becomes a bundle of nerves and tears.

So, lunch became a battle of food, toys and anything their creative little minds could come up with. I lost count at the number of times the words "You have to share" came rolling off my tongue.

My mother-in-law will sleep for a week by the time this weekend is over.

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